First Prize: Stephen Kasperski, with Daniel Holland (NOAA, Alaska Fisheries Science Center)

Fishery income diversification and risk for fishermen and fishing communities of the US West Coast and Alaska


First Prize: Rodney Beard (Groupe Sup de Co, France), with Linda Nøstbakken (University of Alberta, Canada)

Multi-jurisdiction quota enforcement for transboundary renewable resources


First Prize: Christophe Bene (WorldFish, Egypt), with Rebecca Lawson (WorldFish, Egypt) 

Global change in African fish trade: Engine of development or threat to local food security?

Honourable Mention: Vincent Martinet (INRA, France), with Olivier Thébaud (IFREMER, France)

Achieving sustainable fisheries: Gradually or abruptly?

Honourable Mention: Chris Costello (University of California Santa Barbara, USA), with Steven Gaines (University of California Santa Barbara), and John Lynham (University of California Santa Barbara)

Can secure access prevent fisheries collapse?