Request for Proposals to Organize IIFET 2024 and Future Conferences


Every two years, IIFET offers the opportunity for an organization or institution to host some 300-500 fisheries economists from around the world as they address a wide array of current fisheries and aquaculture economics, resource management and trade issues, at a future IIFET biennial conference.


The Executive Committee of IIFET is now soliciting proposals to host and organize IIFET 2024 and future conferences through the following process.


Parties interested in hosting and organizing IIFET 2024, or a future conference, are asked to submit a written proposal by 28 February 2022. Proposals will be reviewed by the Executive Committee from March-April 2022; supplementary materials or clarifications may be requested by the ExCom by email or telephone, in an iterative process. Our goal is to select the best candidate by May 2022, and to hold a signing ceremony and make an official announcement at the IIFET 2022 conference in Galicia, Spain, 18-22 July 2022. If more than one acceptable proposal is received, the Executive Committee may consider tentatively scheduling some venues further in the future (2026 and beyond), subject to proposers’ interest in doing so.


Proposals must contain a draft planned budget listing envisioned costs and revenues, a proposed title and conference themes which will form a starting point for discussions with the ExCom, and may also contain written descriptions, pictures, and other relevant materials, in word processed documents, power point slides, and/or spreadsheets. The proposals should also indicate the degree to which funding/sponsorship has already been secured to support the conference if they should be selected as the conference organizer.


Any institution, from any country in the world, is welcome and encouraged to submit a bid for consideration. If you or your institution would be interested in learning more about what is involved, please contact Executive Director Kat Goetting ([email protected]) for a copy of the conference guidelines and other useful resources.