An important forum for members and others to learn about important research developments in seafood trade, aquaculture, and fisheries management issues is our biennial international conferences. Every two years, a different international site is chosen to host our four-day meeting, attended by fisheries social scientists, managers, and industry members from all of the world's fishing areas. Keynote speakers and submitted papers address a variety of both applied and theoretical topics. These conferences provide participants with unparalleled opportunities to interact with the world's foremost fisheries economists in both formal and informal settings. They also allow us to visit a wide variety of international locations to learn more about fishing and aquaculture activities across the globe.

To date, conferences have been held in Alaska, USA; Christchurch, New Zealand; Quebec, Canada; Esbjerg, Denmark; Santiago, Chile; Paris, France; Taipei, Taiwan; Marrakech, Morocco; Tromso, Norway; Oregon, USA; Wellington, New Zealand; Tokyo, Japan; Portsmouth, UK; Nha Trang, Vietnam; Montpellier, France; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Brisbane, Australia; Aberdeen, Scotland; and Seattle, Washington, USA.


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