Become an IIFET Member!

Membership is open to any individual, from any professional background, and from any country. All that is required is an interest in some aspect of fisheries or aquaculture economics, and the payment of an annual fee. Institutions/corporations and Governments may also become members.

IIFET Membership includes:

  • Access to a global network of fisheries and aquaculture economists, managers, practitioners, and more
  • Special membership pricing on IIFET conference registration
  • Discount to Marine Resource Economics journal subscription
  • Annual IIFET Newsletter
  • Job and funding opportunities
  • Related publications and resources
  • Other IIFET-relevant content and news

IIFET Membership is for one calendar year (1 January - 31 December), regardless of what time of year you purchase/renew. 

Individual Memberships

If you would like to renew your individual membership or become an individual member, follow this link:

If you are a new member, you will need to create a new profile. If you are an existing member, your email address associated with your account is your username and password (unless you have already changed your password). We highly recommend changing your password once you have accessed your profile for the first time. You can reset your password by clicking 'Reset Password' on the login screen and an email will be sent with instructions The email may land in your junk folder, so be sure to check that folder if an email does not appear in your inbox. 

Individual Membership Rates: 

Regular, Individual Membership: $90 USD/year
Student Membership: $30 USD/year
Developing Country Membership: $45 USD/year

Retired Membership: $45 USD/year

Please contact [email protected] with questions regarding membership prices and renewal.

Government and Institutional/Corporate Memberships

Government and Institutions/Corporations can be IIFET members, too! To purchase or renew your Government or Institutional/Corporate membership, follow this link: 

Government and Institutional memberships include the following:

  • Subscription discounts to Marine Resource Economics
  • Inclusion on the IIFET listserv with job and funding opportunities, articles, and other content relevant to natural resource economists
  • Annual IIFET Newsletter
  • Access to search the IIFET membership database to connect you to an international network of fisheries and aquaculture economists 

Institutional/Corporate memberships include four (4) representative memberships. Additional memberships can be purchased at a reduced rate.

Government memberships include 10 representative memberships. Additional memberships can be purchased at a reduced rate. 

Government and Institutional Membership Rates: 

Institutional/Corporate Membership (Developed Country): $500 USD/year
Institutional/Corporate Membership (Developing Country): $250 USD/year
Government Membership: $5000 USD/year 

Please contact [email protected] with questions about IIFET Institutional/Corporate and Government membership pricing. 

Members Only: Access our online membership directory and Online Newsletter. Please send us directory updates, corrections, or additions. 

Other benefits to joining IIFET are less tangible but perhaps more important. Joining gives you access to the only organization which focuses exclusively on fisheries and aquaculture economics issues, in every corner of the globe. Members find the professional contacts and interaction provided by our activities absolutely invaluable. Those who are isolated in countries or institutions with few other fisheries economists, as well as those in larger institutions who seek international contacts, need the peer interaction provided by IIFET. Our academics value the opportunity to learn from industry members, while government fisheries managers appreciate the opportunities to learn about research and fisheries outcomes from around the world, all in one place. We actively encourage you to expand and benefit from our network, by becoming a member. (Please note: If payment of the membership fee provides a serious obstacle to you, please contact the IIFET Secretariat at [email protected]).