Wonderful friend and colleague to so many, Jenny Sun, passed away 27 February 2020 at the age of 55, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

In her normal thoughtful style, Jenny asked that we wait to make a general announcement until after the private funeral services, because she did not want to see relatives and friends exposing themselves to risks by travelling during the pandemic.

Many of you may know Jenny from as long ago as the IIFET 1994 Taiwan Conference at the National Taiwan Ocean University; she and Frank, were key organizers of that conference. Or, you may have benefitted from her service as member of IIFET’s Executive Committee, from 2000-2004. Or perhaps you worked with her on one of her 36 journal articles, studied with her in graduate school at Cornell, or worked with her at NTOU, NMFS, the IATTC, or the Gulf of Maine Research Institute; perhaps you worked with Jenny on a project with the US Southwest or Northeast Fishery Science Centers, the National Science Foundation, or at meetings of APEC, or at many conferences on fishery (especially tuna) management.

You may have benefitted from Jenny’s award-winning, highly multidisciplinary and cross-nationally relevant research and teaching on environmental and natural resource economics, international marine affairs and management, economic development and trade liberalization, or econometrics, among many other topics.

In whatever circumstances you had the good fortune to interact with Jenny, you benefitted from her keen intelligence, kind and caring demeanor, outgoing personality, and her careful, thorough, and focused organizing skills. Although many are grieving her loss, we are also celebrating the fact that the world is a better place for her passing through it.

Here are some links from NTOU. The text is in Chinese, but if you can’t read it, please enjoy the photos.