We are excited to announce that IIFET 2024 will be hosted by WorldFish in Penang, Malaysia, from 15-19 July 2024!


The last time the IIFET biennial conference was held in Asia was in 2008 at Nha Trang, Vietnam.


In addition to the themes common at many IIFET conferences, WorldFish is offering four novel thematic sessions:

1) The economics of food and nutrition

2) Ocean equity – Distributional justice

3) Optimizing aquatic food systems for resilience

4) Fisheries, aquaculture and trade futures. 


These, along with a policy forum headlined by 2021 World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, are sure to make IIFET 2024 Penang an interesting and engaging conference for the global IIFET network.


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For the full press release, go to https://www.worldfishcenter.org/press-release/press-release-worldfish-announced-host-iifet-2024.