We are excited to invite you to submit abstracts for papers or posters at IIFET 2024 Penang! We are hoping for a broad mix of topics related to the conference themes (see below), or other issues related to the economics of fisheries, seafood, and aquaculture.

To submit an abstract, go to the Abstract Submissions page.

Deadline for submission is 29 Feb 2024!

Conference Themes

  • The Economics of Food and Nutrition Security
  • Ocean Equity and Inclusion – Distributional Justice
  • Governing for Resilience in Aquatic Food System
  • Fisheries; Aquaculture and Trade Futures
  • Open Special Sessions - the topics will be decided later based on submissions accepted by the Scientific Committees

General IIFET Themes

  • Fisheries Management; Policy and Regulations; including Ecosystem-based Management and Marine Spatial Planning
  • Bioeconomic Modeling
  • Aquaculture Economics and Markets
  • Seafood Trade and Consumer Behavior International Trade; Agreements; Barriers and Conflicts
  • The Gender Dimension of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Contributions of Fisheries and Aquaculture to Nutrition; Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries
  • Value Chains in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Shellfish Production and Markets Quota Management
  • Seafood Processing and Value Addition
  • Conditions of Access to the EEZ of Third Countries
  • Social Transformations of the Fishing Industry Seafood Connectivity between Local and Global Markets
  • Open Special Session: Gendered coping and adaptation to fish resource and market variability
  • Open Special Session: Operationalizing a Wellbeing Economy in Fisheries
  • Open Special Session: Economics of MPAs
  • Open Special Session: Future of small-scale fisheries by increasing competition for space and changes in species distribution in coastal waters
  • Open Special Session: Innovative Analytical Intelligence and Big Data for Fisheries Economics
  • Open Special Session: Unpacking the resilience of aquaculture systems to livelihood shocks: impact mechanisms and intervention options to enhance adaptive capacity
  • Open Special Session: Measuring fisheries related ecosystem services for ecosystem accounting
  • Open Special Session: Fresh Catch Auctions as a Value Addition Mechanism
  • Open Special Session: Governing Blue Transitions
  • Open Special Session: One Food System: Aquaculture Embedded in Wider Agri-Food Production
  • Closed Special Session: The economics of regenerative aquaculture
  • Closed Special Session: Striking a Balance: The Various Contributions of Fish and Fisheries to National Food
  • Closed Special Session: Illuminating Hidden Harvests: The Contributions of Small-Scale Fisheries to Sustainable Development
  • Closed Special Session: The economic worlds of dried fish