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For almost 4 decades, IIFET has provided a scientific home and community for members from around the globe and from diverse perspectives – academia, government, industry, national and international agencies. IIFET has fostered collaborative relationships enabling us to make lasting contributions to the economically sustainable use of marine resources, and the development of seafood markets and aquaculture sector.

This would not be possible without support from our members. 

Please consider supporting IIFET’s success, sustainability, and outreach!

You may make individual donations at any time at the IIFET Donation Site. Donation acknowledgement levels include:

  • $1-$99: Bonito
  • $100-$499: Albacore
  • $500-$999: Yellowfin
  • $1000-$4999: Bigeye
  • $5000+: Bluefin

All amounts are in USD. Donations are tax deductible in the US.

We will acknowledge your donation on our website or, if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.

You may donate in memory of a beloved colleague who has passed on or in honour of a colleague or mentor. However you choose to give, your support is highly valued and will help to build and develop our profession’s ability to contribute to sustainable management of seafood markets, fisheries, and aquaculture throughout the world!

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