Captain Barry Fisher passed away Saturday, March 17, 2001. Those of you who attended IIFET 2000 had the chance to benefit from some of his experience, as Barry was instrumental in developing the special session on the history of the West Coast fishing industry held at Newport's Marine Science Center. He has been an important fixture in the fishing and marine areas in Oregon for many decades; whether you were in academia, government, or the industry, Barry made an impact on your life in this region. Rod Moore summed up Captain Fisher's contributions nicely in a recent message to Fishfolk: "Barry was a life-long fisherman, a scholar, a decorated Korean War veteran. He pioneered the whiting joint venture fishery on the west coast in the late 1970's and was a leader in west coast fisheries conservation and management."

A wonderful memorial piece can be found at Oregon State University'sĀ Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station.