Professor James Fraser Muir

Obituary courtesy of the University of Stirling.

It is with great sadness that we convey the news that our colleague and friend, Professor James Muir, passed away in the Western Infirmary, Edinburgh, in the early hours of 1st May 2013. James had been ill for some time. He died peacefully, surrounded by his family.

James was a great intellect, multi-talented and worked exceptionally hard. He was a key member of the Institute of Aquaculture from the mid-1970’s to 2009 and contributed massively to its development and our present status, especially on the international stage. In the late 1970’s, James, Lindsay Ross and Christina Sommerville began the ODA-funded work on tilapias that eventually led to the development of the Institute of Aquaculture from the former Unit of Aquatic Pathobiology.

James’s background was in environmental engineering and economics, with specific expertise in the aquatic sector, including resilient production systems, energy and resources, trade, market, investment and development policy; climate change mitigation and adaptation, research and education planning and management. James’s experience crossed the academic, commercial and public sectors, and he had an extensive international record in strategic sectoral planning, research management, programme design, management and evaluation, for which his skills were highly valued by international agencies.

On his retirement from the Institute, James became a Professor Emeritus and continued his key work as an international development and research advisor and evaluator. He was a member of the UK Foresight Lead Expert Group on the Global Future of Food and Farming, and at various times a staff member of FAO, Fisheries Adviser to DFID, and an adviser to CGIAR and a range of other development bodies. James authored and edited more than 200 papers, technical reports, presentations, monographs and books.

James will be warmly remembered by his many students and colleagues. We are all glad to have known and enjoyed time with him and he will be sorely missed. Our sincere condolences go to Tullia, Beth, Anna and all the Muir family.